Got Fire or Smoke Damage?

Having your fire or smoke damage looked at by a professional is very important when assessing the condition of a structure after fire damage. Some of the most common buildings that are evaluated during this process include office commercial buildings, government facilities, residential properties, healthcare facilities and school buildings. Fire or smoke damage to these types of structures should be performed by a certified technician to evaluate the condition of the building after a fire. This is very important for ensuring that the structure is safe for use. After a fire, certain elements of the structure are not always safe to continue using.

Fire and Smoke Damage Assessment

At Abby Owen Environmental, we know what to assess during the walk through process. Meanwhile, the dangers of not taking proper action can range from accidents to further building deterioration. For this reason, having a professional assess the damage can be the difference between a dangerous situation and a safe one. Quantitative observations are used in order to properly evaluate the structure. This has helped to ensure that structure is safe and reliable after fire and smoke damage.

Certain equipment is used during the fire and smoke damage evaluation process to analyze parts of the damage with efficiency. For this reason, getting the opinion of a professional will give you peace of mind to ensure your structure is safe, secure, and sturdy. Professional consulting services will also prevent liability for an unsafe building, since fire and smoke damage can be a liability if the structure is not safe.

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